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Commissioning (Cx/RCx)

Commissioning (Cx/RCx)

Service Summary:

A multi-phase, testing and quality-assurance process structured to ensure that a building—its systems and equipment—operate as it was intended (from both a design and engineering perspective). In addition to the testing component, these services provide training to ensure that the facility/maintenance staff is prepared to operate and maintain the equipment and systems.

Value – Benefit:


  • Represents the Owner’s interest independent of the design and contracting teams
  • Identifies baseline expectations of the Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Establishes maintenance and operation policies
  • Minimizes disputes between all parties in the design and construction process
  • Clearly documents the project scope and processes
  • Reduces the building’s overall lifecycle cost
  • Assures quality work environments, including indoor air quality and lighting levels
  • Establishes performance criteria and benchmarks

Facility Managers

  • Establishes maintenance schedules
  • Creates staff training goals
  • Verifies proper operations of systems and building controls through documented testing procedures
  • Creates document inventory for installed systems and equipment
  • Verifies equipment performance (pre- & post-warranty)
  • Provides a complete systems manual and operating procedures