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Meet 2019 Specifier of the Year: Dave Texter, CPD

Dave Texter has been designing plumbing systems at KLH Engineers since 2013. He is Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) and currently oversees the plumbing department serving as the Director of Plumbing Engineering. Texter was recently honored as the first-ever Zurn Industries, LLC 2019 Specifier of the Year at the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Tech Symposium in Pittsburg on Oct. 24.

Congratulations on your recent award. Tell us more about it.

The Zurn Industries, LLC Specifier of the Year award recognizes an ASPE member who uses technology to improve the entire plumbing specification process. Applicants had to submit an essay in 500 words or less detailing how they saved time or improved efficiencies using technology. My entry was centered around how KLH is integrating data into our Revit models and leveraging the power of this data across the entire construction value stream.

What do you enjoy most about plumbing engineering?

I enjoy the challenges of working with a multitude of different systems and coordinating with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility companies. I also like being in the field and talking to industry professionals about various design approaches and how they are coming up with creative solutions to design challenges.

Describe what types of market segments and projects you design.

Throughout my career in plumbing design, I have been involved in all market segments from education, healthcare, civic, hospitality and multi-family developments to retail and restaurant design. I have been involved with projects such as Kenwood Collections, Miami Trace High School, the Kentucky State Capitol renovation, Aqua on the Levee and more.

Are you currently working on any exciting or challenging projects?

Most recently, I was involved in a large overhaul of the Kentucky State Capitol building where KLH was hired to do a full building assessment and design of the plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems throughout the entire facility. The building is amazing to tour, much less, being able to see the inner workings of the building. One of the best parts of my job is just getting to crawl around “behind the scenes” of a building to really get a good look at the bones of the structure. There was no shortage of exploration in the Kentucky State Capitol building. The building began construction in 1904 and went into service in 1910. It wouldn’t be until 1953 that the Capitol would see any major improvements. The building has been in service now for over 100 years and is now once again needing some major improvements to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communication systems.

What has been one of your proudest moments working at KLH?

As Director of Plumbing Engineering, some of the proudest moments in my career at KLH have been problem solving. As engineers we are not only asked to provide well-designed, code compliant and cost effective systems, but to also solve issues when systems don’t work. Recently, we had a client who called us on a Friday night with an issue that they were having with a piece of sterilizing equipment. If they couldn’t get it to operate correctly by the following Monday for inspection, they would not receive their certificate of occupancy and thus not be able to open for business. They had the owner’s representative, general contractor and plumbing contractor for days trying to figure out the how to rectify the issue. I was able to diagnose and resolve the issue working with the manufacturer’s representative and the owner was able to open for business the following Monday. It was sort of a short-lived Superman moment.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who think outside the box—people who have creative vision, are passionate about making a difference in the world, and are driven to succeed through their passion.

What do you do when you’re not at the office?

Like many others, I find myself spending time at home with my family doing similar family activities like soccer games, yard work and honey-do list projects. My biggest personal passion is rock climbing. I have been rock climbing on and off for almost 30 years locally, nationally and internationally. I took a partial hiatus when I started having children in 2007 and have recently got back in the game in 2018.


Dave Texter, CPD
Director of Plumbing Engineering
d: 859-547-0119