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It's Alive! Why Building Commissioning Is Important to the Health of Your Investment

We’re not earthworms blessed with the powers of regeneration. We came into this world with the same, one body that we’ll be leaving it with.  And, in order to get the most out of it, we’ve been taking care of it.

This is why our parents made sure we drank our milk, ate our vegetables, and played outside.  And it’s why we turn down a donut more often than not (…probably.)

Now think of a building and all of its operating components as one living, breathing organism.

If you’re an owner or manager, this is your investment, your moneymaker, your baby! You want to get the most out of it. You want to maximize its investment potential. 

You want it healthy.

And one of the surest ways to make certain it starts down that path is through commissioning. 

Commissioning – for new construction or renovation - ensures that a building’s fundamental mechanical and electrical systems are calibrated and operating together to deliver the dynamic, efficient performance that the owner had envisioned - with the same care and concern through which those systems were designed.

Just as proper care for your body can reduce trips to the doctor and slow the expansion of your waistline, commissioning your new building from the start (or retro-commissioning an older, existing building) will reduce maintenance calls and significantly lower those operating costs associated with its energy, water, and waste.

It will help to establish superior indoor air quality and control. Your tenants won’t have the “too hot in the summer/too cold in the winter” issue.

Speaking of tenants – you want them and their leases, right?

And maybe you’d care to attract an investor or two down the road?

A commissioned building - especially one commissioned on its way to LEED certification - shouts from the rooftops (your rooftops) that here stands a well-run, comfortable building to live in. It’s a building that is safe to run a business in.

And it’s owned by forward thinking individuals - driven to maximize occupancy, but minimize occupancy costs….and stop those calls to the service guys.

Our economy is certainly stronger than it has been in recent years, but reducing expenses and saving money when and wherever possible is still a necessary goal most building owners and managers strive for each year. 

Having a proper building commissioning procedure in place before construction or renovation will play a huge part in meeting those goals.