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KLH teamWhat Sets Us Apart?

Founded in 1955, our mission is to build quality relationships, environments, and buildings centered around PEOPLE. Our firm is not only driven by the designs we create, but ultimately by the spaces resulting from our work: places of healing, learning, justice, entertainment, business, worship, commerce and more. We are invested in these spaces as well as our clients’ aspirations in creating them. Our vision is that we will foster a culture which prioritizes the employee, emphasizes teamwork, and encourages innovation both in our end products and internal processes. We continually redefine engineering by stepping out from behind the desk, humanizing building design, and developing lasting relationships with our clients.

By combining and providing traditional and progressive services in-house, KLH Engineers is able to offer an integrated, cohesive and seamless design; easily distinguishing the firm from the competition.

Traditional Services:

Progressive Services: