KLH Engineers


Everything we do at KLH cascades from our company mission, vision and values. KLH is a firm that serves a greater good than simply producing documents. Our purpose is to understand what lies beyond the bricks and mortar. We humanize the design of construction projects. Buildings have a purpose and that is to support human activity. Our company ultimately serves those people. For example, it’s not just a hospital we help design it is a place where YOU would say “welcome to our family”, “get well soon”, or “I’ll see you on the other side” to our loved ones.

This personalization of design drives our desire for innovation and it drives us to exemplary client care. We do not offer “jobs” at KLH we seek professionals that have a driving passion to build a better world through their career. KLH is a place where we work smart and it is in playing hard. Our workplace is filled with empowered and responsible people. They know what needs done, empowered to get it done, and are focused on achieving their goals – both personally and professionally.