KLH Engineers

KLH Institute

“It’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning.” – Claude Bernard

We foster a culture where lifelong learning is valued. The journey to knowledge and understanding is never meant to end. This value drives our education of our team and why we teach continuously. Our staff has the opportunity to take a variety of learning programs. These programs range from a 24-hour communications class to lunch-and-learns on various design or soft skill topics. We encourage our employees to accumulate knowledge, integrate their thinking with it and build upon their project experience. This is the sustainable path for exemplary project delivery and client care.

The KLH Institute has an AIA (The American Institute of Architects) educational component too. We are a Certified Educational System (CES) Provider. Many of our clients seek continuing education opportunities so we provide them. We offer a variety of subjects that address systems, engineering, consulting issues, and design. Have some hours to earn for your credential? Let us know. We’ve even written programs for clients who desired to know a topic better. Our subject matter experts love the chance to share ideas with you. Let’s learn together!