Four Reasons to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Your Next Renovation

Ben Zilliox, CxA
Lead Commissioning Agent
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Designing a renovation or addition to an existing structure can be extremely difficult when drawings are outdated or nonexistent. 3D laser scanning can help fill information gaps by using laser technology to digitally capture the exact size and shape of physical objects in a building. Here are just a few of the value-added benefits of 3D laser scanning.

Designers can model from real-world, as-built conditions.

A typical survey team can only bring back limited information, which is usually only base dimensions and pictures of what is in the space. 3D laser scanning can measure fine details and generate a collection of highly accurate data points in space called point clouds. With this data, designers have the ability to see actual beams, girders, existing piping and more. This enables them to model around objects or specify them as existing to remain or demo.

It shortens your project schedule.

What used to take surveyors weeks, now only takes two to three days with 3D laser scanning. Depending on the size of the space, KLH’s average turnaround time is one to two days for scanning and 48 hours for processing. In addition, it will help shorten your project schedule by reducing rework due to poor or lacking documentation of existing conditions. By having actual building data, potential clashes can be avoided by designing around existing structures and utilities.

It reduces the overall cost of a project.

Not only can you reduce the survey cost by only having one person use the scanner to survey the space within a shorter amount of time, but you also gain real-time 3D dimensions from which to work. This increases accuracy and coordination in all aspects and will help minimize change orders.

It’s safe to use and won’t interfere with your business.

3D laser scanning is a non-destructive technology and is not as intrusive as a typical survey. Although scanning cannot see through walls, it does provide a way to produce accurate results for what otherwise would be considered a confined or limited space.

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