Linked Parameter Editor

Link any parameter from an element in the active model or from a linked model to a selected element in the active model. These two parameters will then have the same value even when changed.  

Features & Benefits 

  • Eliminates the need to manually input data multiple times, reducing the chance of error. 
  • Easily and confidently establish components for complex systems (EX. Link Equipment Mark of hvac equipment controlled by one thermostat.) 


  1.  Can you link multiple parameters to one parameter? 
    Yes, you can link multiple parameters to one parameter, even multiple parameters from multiple devices. For example, If I had a wireway containing multiple circuits from the same panel, I could link the panel name and circuit numbers from each circuit to the comments parameter of the wireway to generate an appropriate tag displaying all the circuits contained in the wireway. If the circuits change, the tag will automatically change with them. 
  2. Can you manually insert text or other information into a linked parameter? 
    Yes. Using the example above, the user could insert a “-” after the panel name and a “,” in-between each circuit number. The ability to add additional information to linked parameters increases the flexibility of the tool and creates countless innovative use cases. 

ROI Calculator

Revit efficiencies are key to saving time and money. This calculator is intended to quantify potential savings when your team uses this toolset.

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