At KLH, we challenge traditional processes and aim to make the building design and construction process better for all. Equipped with our innovative software tools, design teams are empowered to reduce modeling times, enhance quality and increase profitability.

Boost your Revit toolbox today with our free 30-day trial. You will have access to the entire set of tools included in the General, Electrical, Mechanical and Model Management Bundles.

How to Install Your 30-Day Trial:

1. Download the installer from the following location:

2. Run .exe file.

  • KLH Revit Installer Dialog Box Appears

3. Click “Install.”

4. Fill out information in dialog box.

  • License Key
    • License keys are provided by KLH for paid subscriptions.
    • Leave this field blank to receive a free trial of the software.
  • Email Address
  • Department
  • Role

5. Hit “Submit.”

How to Update Add-Ins:

When tool has been updated:

1. Rerun installer.

2. Select “Update.”

3. Tool updates to latest version.

How to Uninstall Add-Ins:

To uninstall tool:

1. Rerun the installer.

2. Select “Uninstall.”

3. Add-in is uninstalled.

ROI Calculator

Revit efficiencies are key to saving time and money. This calculator is intended to quantify potential savings when your team uses this toolset.

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