Asset Management

Industry metrics indicate building owners will spend three times more money in operation and maintenance cost than the original construction cost. Protecting the physical asset throughout the lifecycle of the building is imperative. KLH’s asset management service documents critical information to help building owners operate and maintain their building, as well as plan for future capital improvements. 

In the case of existing buildings, KLH conducts onsite surveys to review the condition of building systems, document findings in an asset management database, and develop a long-term capital improvement plan based upon the projected end-of-life of each system. We take an active role with our clients in summarizing technical information so decision-makers can implement the recommendations in daily work tasks and annual financial budgeting processes. 

In the case of new buildings, asset management can begin as early as the planning and design phases by embedding key information within the final as-built models and project databases using our data integration strategy. This approach helps leverage the full capability of Building Information Modeling by identifying pertinent data sets that will help manage the building and inform the capital improvement planning processes.