Bulk Parameter Editor

One of the most powerful tools in this suite. Bulk Parameter Editor provides the ability to edit parameters in bulk. It allows the user to create custom filters (that can be saved) to edit parameters of specific families and types. Not only does this tool allow the user to edit parameters in bulk, it also allows the user to quickly select or locate elements in the model based on a quick parameter search (mark, level, family and type, etc.). This tool can also be used in conjunction with Match to easily select all the desired elements in the model. Depending on the size of the model, this could potentially save hours when used in the right application.

Features & Benefits

  • Edit parameter values of multiple elements in the model.
    • Apply a single value to all elements, or perform more advanced edits such as numbering, prefixes, etc.
    • Works great for bulk editing sheet numbers, view names, equipment tags, etc.
  • Show and select elements from the table view.
    • Find elements that cannot be found easily otherwise.
    • Refine selections by parameter values rather than just by category as the Revit interface provides.


  1. How do I make advanced edits?
    Select all the values you would like to change, right click, and choose the Bulk Edit Values option. Make sure to have the values sorted appropriately prior to clicking bulk edit if you want to use sequential numbering.

Demo: Electrical Workflow

An updated video will be coming soon.

Demo: Mechanical Workflow

An updated video will be coming soon.

ROI Calculator

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