Sync Equipment

Intended for coordination with other trade equipment that requires power, this tool pulls data from other elements in the same or a linked Revit model and applies it to an electrical connection in the electrical model. A CSV file can also serve as an input, if the other trade is not working in Revit. Once the data is in the electrical model, this tool will zoom the user to the location of the equipment, place an electrical connection on their cursor, and copy the relevant data needed for circuiting to the connection. This tool also calculates load based on the data received, saving time and mistakes from manual load calculations. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Sync Equipment ensures loads are coordinated between electrical and other disciplines. 

See the Tool in Action

New video coming soon.

ROI Calculator

Revit efficiencies are key to saving time and money. This calculator is intended to quantify potential savings when your team uses this toolset.

Jordan Laycock, MBA
Project Manager | Associate | Electrical Engineering
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