This tool creates an exact duplicate of a selected element. It is similar to Revit’s Create Similar but includes all parameter data and tags. The user will select one element, run this tool, and an exact duplicate will be placed on their cursor for placement. Once placed, any tags from the originally selected element will be copied to match.

Features & Benefits

  • This tool leverages prior modeling and tagging and can really speed a design.
  • Duplicate has two modes: Duplicate and Duplicate as Copy
    • Duplicate operates as above.
    • Duplicate as Copy works similarly but requires a base point then a new location.


  1. How is this different from Revit’s Create Similar?
    This tool may remind you of the create similar tool, it is better than that because it duplicates the tag, phase of an object as well as all parameter values of the original.

Demo: Electrical Workflow

New video coming soon.

Demo: Mechanical Workflow

New video coming soon.

ROI Calculator

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