Design Build, Design Assist, IPD & P3

Alternative delivery methods in construction have been developed to foster collaboration among stakeholders from various facets of the industry. These methods aim to bring together expertise in engineering, design, schedule, cost and constructability, enabling stakeholders to make quick, accurate decisions that optimize the design process.

At KLH, we embrace a culture of collaboration and transparency, leveraging innovation, data and advanced in-house technology. Our ability to harness these tools enables us to facilitate informed decision-making, empowering stakeholders to make timely choices that drive project success. With our direct experience working with trades, we are a trusted and valued partner for projects utilizing these alternate delivery methods.

Discover the innovative alternative delivery methods we offer beyond the traditional design-bid-build approach:

Design Build

Streamline your construction project with our design-build approach. By integrating the design and construction phases, we eliminate potential bottlenecks and accelerate project timelines. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination between designers, builders, and stakeholders, resulting in efficient, cost-effective solutions.

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Design Assist

Experience the power of collaboration with our design-assist services. By involving our engineering experts early in the design process, we bring valuable insights and practical expertise to enhance project feasibility and constructability. Together, we optimize designs, minimize risks and deliver exceptional results.

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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Unlock the full potential of teamwork with our integrated project delivery (IPD) method. We bring all project participants together under a single contract, fostering collaboration, shared decision-making, and a unified vision. This collaborative approach minimizes conflicts, maximizes efficiency and drives innovation throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Add flexibility to any model of P3 delivery with KLH’s data-driven design approach. Contractual arrangements can take many forms whereby project roles, responsibilities and risks are creatively distributed among stakeholders. With advanced building systems design data, KLH can help improve confidence in financial models, provide cost reduction strategies, facilitate collaboration with supply chain vendors and present valuable operations information for long-term asset management contracts. Our deliverables will mirror the goals of the P3 structure so all partners can prosper and mitigate their respective risks.

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