Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Visual technologies are enhancing designs and providing owners a feel for the built environment far before a renovation or ground-breaking.

By leveraging augmented reality (AR) technologies, KLH is capable of overlaying proposed building systems design solutions with existing conditions. Having visual representation helps designers, contractors and owners understand the proposed design from multiple vantage points.

KLH is using virtual reality (VR) technologies to think downstream in the construction process by helping building owners, facilities managers and maintenance teams review proposed systems design by experiencing it in the design process themselves. By using VR, KLH’s clients can walk through mechanical rooms to gain perspective on spatial relationships and maintenance professionals can perform mock procedures. 

We can adjust our designs as needed to address the owner’s requirements and provide greater ease to maintaining their business. In addition, we use QR codes to place both AR and VR information on the construction documents so the intent of design is accessible in the field.

Doug Johansing, PE, LEED AP BD+C
Principal | Director of Software Engineering | Senior Electrical Engineer
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