Our unique approach


It’s true that listening is the best form of communication. To achieve any outcome in our industry, understanding the owner’s needs is paramount to developing a solution. We listen first and respond second.


We do not stand idle waiting for new technologies to come solve old problems. Our culture is one of open collaboration, unified innovation and unyielding determination to be the masters of our own fate. We refuse to wait; instead, we innovate.

Solve Problems

Every day we are solving problems. When we listen to the pain points of our clients and leverage our expertise and innovation, we are not only solving problems but also preventing future challenges along the journey.

What makes KLH different?

I really like how it's not a place where you come in to get your own work done well enough. Everyone comes together to get work done, the best way we can, as a single unit. KLH takes pride in their work together, and everyone's a part of it.
- Jacob Reiter, Software Engineer

Our Locations

850 Twin Rivers Dr. #1594
Columbus, OH 43216
Tel: 614 228 2180
Fax: 614 228 2183
Adam Pulskamp
Columbus Regional Director
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10200 Forest Green Blvd, Suite 112
Louisville, KY 40223
Tel: 502 814 7575
Robert Long, LEED AP
Louisville Regional Director
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210 East High Street, #857
Lexington, KY 40507
Tel: 859 410 2575
Fax: 859 410 2576
Robert A Lonnemann, PE, LEED AP, CEM
Principal | Lexington Regional Director | Senior Mechanical Engineer
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Greater Cincinnati
1538 Alexandria Pike, Suite 11
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075
Tel: 859 442 8050
Fax: 859 442 8058
Robert A. Heil, PE, LC
Chief Executive Officer
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