CAD to Revit Conversion Services

Our proprietary KLH service specializes in seamlessly converting construction design models from AutoCAD to Revit, enabling a smooth transition from 2D to 3D design environments. By leveraging advanced tools and expertise, we ensure that all your essential details, including geometries, layers, annotations, and metadata, are accurately translated into Revit’s comprehensive BIM platform. This conversion facilitates enhanced collaboration, improved accuracy, and better visualization for all stakeholders involved in the project. Whether it’s for architectural, structural, or MEP designs, our service ensures that your design data is preserved and optimized for the robust capabilities of Revit, ultimately leading to more efficient project workflows and superior end results.

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Video: AutoCAD to Revit Layer Name Translator Using Machine Learning

ROI Calculator

Revit efficiencies are key to saving time and money. This calculator is intended to quantify potential savings when your team uses this toolset.

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