Divisions Maintenance Group Corporate Headquarters

KLH Engineers led the lighting design strategy for Divisions Maintenance Group’s (DMG) new corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, in collaboration with the architect, Luminaut. DMG, a national facility maintenance services provider, wanted its spaces to be activated with light to resemble the energy their service team approaches to solving challenges.

To create this energetic environment, KLH collaborated with Luminaut to design custom lighting applications for special lighting zones, as well as a custom light sculpture called “The Light Geyser.” At 27 feet tall, 1,800 pounds and 2,200 watts, the Light Geyser features approximately 200 light tubes and custom lighting controls. To provide a centralized space for this one-of-a-kind sculpture, the existing escalators were removed to create a hole with a diameter of 25 feet between the second and third floors. The sculpture took over a year to design and two weeks to install due to custom mounting and assembly.

KLH worked closely with the architect, owner and contractor to ensure the designed solutions were coordinated for install and would be intuitive to service for maintenance. KLH also provided data to the electrical contractor for normal and emergency electrical loads.

The overall lighting budget was $10 per square foot for lighting and lighting controls. KLH monitored the lighting material budget to find savings which yielded in a lower cost per square foot, while still providing custom lighting solutions to make the owner’s unique vision become a reality.

At a Glance

Cincinnati, OH
Project stats
+ 100,000-square-foot office
+ Three stories
+ One-of-a-kind, 27-foot tall, 1,800-pound custom light sculpture
+ Cost: $25 million
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