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Eagle Construction’s corporate headquarters in Henrico, Virginia, serves as the central business office and retail design center for their home builder clients. The theme of the office was an open collaboration hub to evoke creativity and synergy within the team.

From the onset, there was a goal to implement lighting strategies in open spaces that evoke creativity and synergy all while maintaining a $20 cost per square foot for lighting and controls. KLH’s lighting design studio worked with Eagle Construction to specify custom feature lighting so it did not resemble a typical lighting layout in an open office. The collaboration spaces were designed to resemble pods for workers to set up meetings or establish a workspace. Therefore, the design team specified special feature lighting including ring halos within the space and wall sconces identifying the pods for wayfinding.

During the design phase, the lighting design studio collaborated with Levcon Analytics, a data integration consultancy launched by KLH Engineers in 2021, to implement their custom software and calculate cost per square foot. A $30 cost per square foot was identified in the private offices, preventing the owner to spend his lighting budget in the most critical area, the open collaboration space.

After some investigation, fixtures were specified for the private offices that brought the cost down to $2 per square foot while still maintaining layout and light levels. This design change allowed room in the budget for large, eight-foot concentric rings in the open collaboration spaces.

The overall strategy was aimed at local level lighting controls within the offices and conference rooms. This approach kept the material budget down while still meeting the local code. Dimming controls were specified in the conference rooms and open collaboration spaces to adjust the 3500K LED lighting to desired light level.

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Henrico, VA
Project stats
+ Maintained a $20 cost per square foot for lighting and controls
+ Eight-foot concentric rings in collaboration spaces
+ Wall sconces for wayfinding
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