University of Cincinnati Morgens & Scioto Halls

The University of Cincinnati (UC) has been modernizing their student housing real estate to respond to the changing needs of students living on campus. KLH has served as a key partner on several signature modernization projects including the renovations of Morgens and Scioto Halls.

KLH collaborated with the UC on their innovative vision for a new exterior envelope, new roofing and a roofing trellis, elevator upgrades and a replacement of the interior plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. This included upgrades and design of an addressable voice alarm communications system, as well as elevator controller upgrades.

A new fire protection system was designed for the Scioto Hall. The project scope included the installation of a new fire pump to feed the newly designed stand pipes and supply water to the fire protection system installed in the adjacent Morgens Hall building. The Morgens Hall design reused and connected into an existing fire alarm system that had just been previously upgraded. The building was served from a community generator and fire pump.

The HVAC plant systems, consisting of chilled water and steam, remained intact for serving new terminal equipment throughout. Individual high-rise fan coil units were used for heating and cooling, and two dedicated outside air units were used for ventilation and exhaust. Campus steam was converted to hot water through the use of steam-to-water heat exchangers, and chilled water was run through a plate-and-frame heat exchanger to separate the building chilled water from the campus plant. Exposed ductwork and diffusers were used for air distribution, providing a modern look.

New lighting was designed to give the dorm unit a contemporary feel. The electric distribution panel boards on each floor were replaced along with new load centers in each unit. All new feeder and branch circuit wiring was replaced through the existing raceways.

Both buildings achieved LEED Silver certification.

At a Glance

Cincinnati, Ohio
Project stats
+ 152,000 square feet per building
+ Cost: $60,000,000
+ 15-story high rise
+ LEED Silver Certification
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