Recent Releases

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  • Bulk Parameter Editor
    • New Features
      • Ability to change viewport types
      • Sum, avg, count, etc. at the bottom of the data view
      • Column option to show the row’s element Id and unique Id
      • Ability to hide the “Add Filter” area when not in use
      • Option to have multiple instances of BPE open at a time
      • “Select Dependent Elements” option in context menu
      • Ability to show categories of all family instances in the model.
    • Updates
      • “Refresh” will only refresh the items currently visible
  • MMA
    • New Features
      • KO Tools
        • Used to transfer specific families from another model
          • Import title-blocks
          • Import project standards
          • Import Worksets
      • Import From Prototype Options Added to Views and Sheets
      • Preview arrangement settings of a sheet and modify as needed.  Will update arrangement dimensions.
      • Add and arrange a Keyplan
      • 3D View available to view linked levels.
      • Added new purge options within Advanced Model Release
      • Ability to preview a sheet index prior to creating views.
      • Copy a View Type within the View Settings
    • Updates
      • Ability to delete a View Type within the View Settings
      • Scope Box size column in Scope Box tab to determine if a view will fit on a sheet
      • Ability to add a custom character in the sheet naming
      • Levels tab now shows the level height relative to the level below
      • Added progress dialogs when creating views and sheets
      • Abbreviations can now be set for phases
      • Select all option added to the Import Scope Boxes from Link
      • Plan Views will now show views that are currently in the model
    • Fixed
      • Arranging views without having sheets gives an error
      • Error Message When Removing Levels
      • Importing From Linked Model doesn’t bring in scope boxes
      • Error when matching settings to preview in Arrangement tab
      • Error when executing Run Acquired Coordinates
  • Sync Equipment
    • Fixed
      • As a user, I need a more specific error message displayed when there are parameter mapping issues
  • Multi-Circuiter
    • Fixed
      • Circuit Description Blanking Out, Not Filling Out the Room Name