St. Elizabeth Cancer Center

St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s new $120 million Cancer Center serves patients in the Northern Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati metropolitan region. The facility places a strong emphasis on cancer prevention, screening and personalized treatment plans as an effort to reduce the region’s increasing cancer rates. KLH was elected to design the electrical, lighting and technology systems that support the 250,000-square-foot center.

During a budget review, members of the construction management team evaluated ways to reduce the overall project budget on behalf of St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Cost reductions were recommended in three key areas, including the lighting systems proposed by KLH.

Upon leaving the budget review meeting, KLH immediately began its own due diligence process to determine how the cost estimates were developed for the lighting systems so that corrective measures could be taken to lower the lighting budget, if necessary. After close collaboration with the construction management team, it was determined that a community lighting distributor had provided an estimate based upon a quantity take-off of the lighting systems after manually reviewing the plans.

KLH reviewed the lighting plans it developed and produced a quantity take-off report leveraging its own customized database and software tools. The firm found that the unit light fixture cost estimates were overestimated. KLH collaborated with the distributor, guiding them through the results and reliability of the firm’s quantity take-off.

Within two days of hearing the lighting systems were perceived to be over budget, KLH reviewed and confirmed that the contractor estimate was in error; they had doubled that of the actual number of fixtures required. The result was a savings of nearly $900,000 that was caught months in advance.  The lighting systems will be ordered, installed and operated as originally designed, satisfying St. Elizabeth’s needs with high aesthetic value and within budget.

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Edgewood, Kentucky
Project stats
+ Cost: $120 Million
+ 250,000 square feet
+ Saved client $900,000
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